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Here are a few noteworthy sites that have helped many find Big Business or the small business accounting software that meets their needs. Some are dated. Most are valuable resources for finding the right software for your small business.

Thanks, MacUpdate!

Big Business is listed in the Open Directory Project along with hundreds of small business accounting solutions and a million, literally, other categories.

Big Business is listed on Pure Mac along with All the Software You Really Need.

Softex give Big Business its five star rating and is a great place to find downloads for other business tools you might need.

"The only thing that a small business owner needs to know about [Big Business] is that it has unmatched features and The Worlds best Tech support."

MacUpdate "MacUpdate watches the latest Macintosh software updates every day, all day long, so you can keep your software up-to-date with the most current bug fixes and features."

for Big Business

Client/Server Accounting Software listing

Softpedia " This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user."

Business Management Software listing

MacAddict Number 39, Nov. 1999, includes a complete demo of Big Business.

The March, 1999 review of accounting packages dubs Big Business "a powerful business management program,"

"The best programs on SoftSeek are selected as Editor's Picks." and Big Business was one.

MacWorld MacWorld gives Big Business four stars.

SDSU Information Systems listing

MacUser MacUser votes Big Business a Best Buy; four mice rating!

MacWorld Big Business wins the Eddy.
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