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Big Business' features for accepting credit cards include:
Big Business uses, which works with almost all merchant account providers. This means you don't have to replicate or replace your existing relationship. If you have an online store you may already have as your payment gateway. If not, simply complete this application. (If you need something else just let us know).
Multi-Currency supports an unlimited number of Foreign Exchange (FX) Currencies and tracks Customer and Vendor transactions in 2 currencies.
With conversion at the Exchange Rate you set, it is simple to set their price from yours, or vice versa, and review their prior transactions in either.
When FX is combined with Inventory AND Credit Terms, Big Business handles settlement, posting Gain/Loss automatically, and issuing statements, reports, and transactions in BOTH currencies for transparency.
Big Business automates shipping and tracking by connecting standard shipping systems such as UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, and more.
Scan or key an order number to load an address, then weigh and process, and Tracking and Charges are captured for invoicing or tracking in Big Business.
Multi-Warehouse features make it easy to track unlimited Warehouse Qtys for any item stocked in your warehouses, consigned to customer locations, or belonging to groupings-- samples, work in process, returns.
Built-To-Order (BTO) and Middleware options offer unlimited flexibility for integrating your Big Business data into online stores, cloud-based solutions, or third-party applications.
Our BizApp iPad and iPhone solutions for Big Business simplify a task like shipping or delivery with a tap-app to capture changes or signature, work offline, and email or update Big Business as needed.
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