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Using Custom Form/Report Templates (3271)

Select a Template and click OK:

Big Business provides a variety of Templates for use with the Custom Form/Report tool. These Templates have the following attributes:

• Templates resemble the built-in printing layouts for easy understanding of their contents. The Custom Form/Report tool does not provide direct access to the built-in forms, nor does it have all the capabilities of the built-in forms. If you are unable to accomplish your goal with the Custom Form/Report tool, send email to:

• Templates determine the appropriate location for printing your custom form. For example, if you wanted a cover letter for each Sales Order, you would modify the Sales Order Template to be a letter by selecting and deleting the items on the Template and inserting text.

• Some of the graphics on a Template affect its page size. For example, the box around line items on a Invoice Template limits the area. Removing this box may allow the form to stretch across multiple pages if enough Line Items are entered. To make the box "not print" select it, and change its coloration to white.

• Templates may provide limited access to related fields. For example, the Invoice Template allows you to select fields from the Invoice and from the Invoice Line Items, but not from the Item Card. On the other hand, the Invoice Line Item template can access the Item Card.


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