Saving a Reconciliation In Progress

This Solution outlines the procedure for saving a Bank Reconciliation in progress (that is partially completed) so that missing transactions can be entered. (3275)

If you discover missing entries as you are reconciling an account, one option is to allow Big Business to make a correcting entry when you save the reconciliation. This is useful for correcting minor discrepancies when you know your statement Ending Balance to be correct. The correction is posted to the Default Other Expense Category specified in Banking Prefs

Big Business 2.5 adds the option save the reconciliation without a correcting entry, so that you can save the reconciliation in-progress and enter any missing transactions.

To save a reconciliation in-progress:
1. Click the OK button.
2. From the choices of Create Entry, Don't Create Entry, and Cancel (pictured), select Don't Create Entry.
3. Create additional transactions.
4. Open the Bank Card
5. Open your in-progress reconciliation from the list of Reconciliations.
6. Complete the reconciliation so that the Difference is zero.