Duplicating Orders

Big Business 4.0.8 adds the option to Duplicate a Partial Sales Order to create a new Sales Order with only the Open Items from the original order.

Big Business 5.0.7 fixes a bug, when copying just the Open Items, that the totals are not immediately updated.(3527)

When you Duplicate a Sales Order, a prompt will ask if you want to include All Items from the original order, or just the Open Items. The option to create a new order with only the Open Items from the original order is useful to:
• create a new order for backordered items
• create a clean order for customer (re-) using an open Purchase Order

To Duplicate a Partial Sales Order:
1. Open the Sales Order
2. Click Duplicate
3. On the Dialog displayed, click the Open button to copy only the Open Items

Once you have Saved the new Sales Order, remember to return to the original Sales Order and click the Closed checkbox to cancel the remainder if needed.