Multi-Currency: Printing Reports

The Multi-Currency Add-On is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution describes printing reports. (6450)

The Multi-Currency Add-On supports transactions in foreign currencies. Here are basic features and techniques for Printing Reports:

• Customer Statement (Balance Forward-Plain Paper)
• Customer Statement (Balance Forward-Preprinted #80821)
• Customer Statement (Open Item-Plain Paper)
• Customer Statement (Open Item-Preprinted #80821)
• Customer Aging (Summary)
• Customer Aging (Detail)
• Customer Transactions

From a Customer Card, you can choose "FX-Currency" in Print Options, Settings, to automatically print reports in the Customer's Foreign Exchange Currency.

From the Report tool, these reports display a dialog asking if you want the report in your own currency or Foreign Currency.

Setting Up Currencies 

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