Icon Styles

Big Business 10 updates Icon Styles for Retina and additional customizability.

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Big Business icons are evolving. New Icons meet new qualifications:
• high-resolution for new displays and scaling
• baked-in for responsiveness
• pre-configured in themes

Icon Styles now include:
• Classic - the original Big Business icons hand-drawn by Dave served on white
• Satin - simple and contempory with soft outlines and shadows on a modern bevel
• Carbon - striking with rich gradients for depth on a void background (goes with OS X Dark Mode)
• Harmony - decidedly lighter, simple, and elegant on Windows blue

To choose new Icons for yourself:
1. Go to Employee toolbar
2. Open My Prefs
3. Choose an Icon Style
4. Click OK to save My Prefs
Choose Default to use the built-in default (Satin) or the one selected for your system (as follows).

To choose new Icons for all Users:
1. Go to Maintenance toolbar
2. Open the Company Card and go to the Preferences tab
3. Choose an Icon Style
4. Click OK to save Company Card


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