Command Key Equivalents/ Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)

Command Key Equivalents

This document describes keyboard shortcuts to perform specific tasks inside of Big Business using the Command key (a.k.a. “Apple,” “freeway interchange”, “clover”) immediately adjacent the Space Bar.


Command-A Select all the text in a field.
Command-C Copy the selected text.
Command-D Duplicate the current window.
Command-E Create a note or edit the selected list item.
Command-F Search using the QuickSearch feature appropriate to the window.
Command-H Hide or redisplay the toolbar.
Command-L Open the QuickChoose list for this type of window.
Command-M Memorize this transaction.
Command-N Save and Open.
Command-P Print the current window.
Command-Q Quit Big Business.
Command-R Recall a transaction.
Command-S Save the window.
Command-T Switch to the next toolbar (same as Command-F15)
Command-V Paste the last text that was cut or copied.
Command-W Close the current window.
Command-X Cut the selected text.
Command-Z Undo the last text action.
Command-1 Click the first tab of a window.
Command-2 Click the second tab of a window.
Command-3 Click the third tab of a window.
Command-4 Click the fourth tab of a window.
Command-+ Add a list item.
Command-- (Minus) Delete a list item.
Command-Enter Save the window.
Command-Return Add a new line to the Line Items area of a transaction window.
Command-. (Period)Cancel, close the current window.
Command-F1 to F14 Open the corresponding tool from the toolbar.
Command-F15 Switch to the next toolbar. (same as Command-T)