QuickFind Feature

Big Business' QuickFind feature is for quickly finding related entries. This feature is now called Show, linked below. This Solution is being kept for reference. (5727)

Big Business 5.1.0 adds a QuickFind to the Vendor Card.
Big Business 6.0.9 adds Last Purchases to the Customer Card.
Big Business 7.0.9 adds All Purchases to the Customer Card.
Big Business 9.9 adds Contacts to Customer Search and Component Items to Item Card

QuickFind is a new feature for Big Business 4, which helps you quickly find related entries. Hold the mouse down on the QuickFind icon (pictured) and a pop-up list appears.

Customer Card:
• All Quotes
• Open Orders
• All Orders
• Attached Notes
• Items Purchased
• All Purchases
• Last Purchases

Customer Search:
• Contacts

Vendor Card:
• On Hold POs
• Open POs
• All POs
• Attached Notes
• Items Purchased

Item Card:
• Inventory Warehouses
• All Quotes
• Open Sales Orders
• Opens Sales Oreder Line Items
• All Sales Orders
• Open Purchase Orders
• Open PO Line Items
• All Purchase Orders
• Attached Notes
• Built Items
• Component Items

Make A Payment
• Reconciliation
• Bills Paid

Receive Money
• Customer
• Deposit
• Invoices Paid

If there are additional QuickFind entries you think would be useful, please send an email to support@bigbusiness.com.


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