Big Business 11.24 adds features and fixes including some tax tweaks. Big Business 11 is our current product and reference for Big Business 12, which is now in testing. Think old and bold.

Catalina Preview

Apple jumped the gun posting a public beta of the new macOS Catalina due in September. So now there is Big Business 12.3 to work with that.


Big Business 11.23 adds features and fixes including an installer update. Big Business 11 remains our current product while we bring up Big Business 12 to same level of reliability, ready it for next operating systems, and extend Big Business 11 as much as possible for same.

Fast, Friendly, ...

We are codifying product objectives so it is easier to tell you why, and what to expect from Updates. On the front are fast, friendly, and full-on. On the backend are flexible, functional, forever, and I forget right now.


Big Business 12.2 tests new database and adds cerification for Windows Server 2019. This is test software for the curious.
We are not yet offering Registration.

Alt Codes

Alternate Codes make is easy to use other part numbers like Barcodes or UPCs. Customer Part Numbers now let you automate [their] Orders. Vendor Part Numbers continue to protect from being shopped around. And creative uses like custom Catalog P/N's still abound. The new, new Alt Codes tool makes this easier to manage and a runway for growth.


Big Business 11.22 adds features and fixes.

Summer Mission

We are getting a new version of Big Business ready for end of summer. Windows 10 is soon getting friendlier Updates, Windows Server 2019 is getting its footing, and Big Business is getting Windows Windows, finally. Meanwhile, macOS may have a chip in its shoulder bag and a future challenge in the offing. We are getting excited. You're going to love it.