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Show Import Type

Show Import Type lets you set Imports to Auto-Import.

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Cascade Control

Big Business lets you control the cascade of settings and data. This usually takes some thought to optimize. You might choose System Settings to Hide features that you then Show only for select users. Or you might choose workflow that automatically sets Tax Status when a customer orders to an alternate Ship-To Address. This usually comes down to a personal, or personnel, decision about what wo

Drop-Ship Warehouse

Drop-Ship Warehouse is a customization that automatically sets the Warehouse when switching the Ship-To. This lets you set the best Warehouse to use for each of your customer's Addresses.

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Ship-To Lookup

Ship-To Lookup is a new feature to simplify:
- choosing a location for customers with many Ship To addresses
- choosing a contact for customers with many buyers
- B2B ecommerce from companies with multiple purchasers
- importing Orders for customers with multiple Ship To addresses

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TLS Update

Big Business 10.25 and 11.5 update TLS for connecting to secure systems.

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Smart Tax

Smart Tax allows custom Tax calculations.

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Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory updates inventory. By looking more closely at transactions, Smart Inventory is able to correctly interpret anomalies such as having switched an Item from Inventoried to non-Inventoried, or vice versa.

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Shipping Method

Shipping Method lets you create a List of the ways you ship. Shipping Method can be assigned on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices and included on all printouts.

Shipping Method can be assigned for Customer so it is automatically set for their new Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. Shipping Method can also be assigned to Contacts so that it is automatically set when changing the Ship-To on Quotes, Orders,

Feature Undo

You shouldn't have to suffer the latest software "improvements" without being able to disable them. As much as possible, new features in Big Business start as options that you turn on and transition into features you can turn off. So if you see you see a change you don't like, odds are there is a Feature Undo for it.

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Button Labels

Big Business 11 updates Button Labels.

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