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Button Labels

Big Business 11 updates Button Labels.

This Solution provides details. (6761)

New Networking

Big Business 11 offers New Networking to support new features like:
• 64-bit Server
• Sleeping Clients

Big Business 11.4 updates settings to optimize performance.

This Solution provides details. (6760)

Refund Video

The Refund tool automatically creates refund checks for:
• Unapplied Payments - unused customer deposits and overpayments
• Negative Balance Invoices - unused credit memos and returns

This Solution describes this feature. (6545)

Docs Screen Capture

Attach a screen shot of a window to any transaction in Big Business. This video shows how to capture a screen shot of a window on macOS or Windows. (6750)

CSV Import

You can use macOS Numbers to edit a spreadsheet and Export as CSV. Big Business imports CSV. This video shows how. (6749)

Contacts Features

Big Business 11 adds the Contacts tool for quick access to phones, emails, and shipping addresses, where you need them.

This Solution provides details. (6747)

Multi-Currency: Searches

The Multi-Currency Add-On is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution describes Search features. (6743)

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Custom Font

Using a Custom Font for printing is one of the features of Print Styles.

This Solution will provides details. (6730)
Print Styles

Customer Statements

Big Business includes Statements for printing or emailing to customers.

Big Business 10.21 updates Open Items Statements to include negative Unapplied amounts.

This Solution will provides details. (6730)
Company Logo
Print Styles
Number Formats
Currencies Setup

Sleeping Clients

Sleeping Clients is a new Database feature that tries to allow Clients that go to Sleep to automatically reconnect when they wake. This saves users' time avoiding a restart of the application. Of course this doesn't always work as hoped but when it does it's a real timesaver.

This Solution will provides requirements and suggestions. (6729)
Turning Off Sleep (Mac)

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