Invoice Line Item Import Fields

This Solution describes the fields that can be imported as Invoice Line Items.

In Big Business 4.0.9 and earlier, this feature does not update Item Cards or Customer Balances correctly. Contact Technical Support for information on correcting these entries. This problem is fixed in Big Business 4.2 and higher.

Big Business 4.2.8 and 5.0.2 add a Paid amount to the import options. (5765)

Prior to importing information into Big Business, you need to prepare a tab delimited text file containing the necessary information. This is easily done using a spread sheet application with columns matching the fields below, and each Item on a separate row. Then save the data from the spreadsheet using Save As... and selecting Text (tab-delimited) as the type.

Invoice Line Item Import Fields (and Formats):

Customer Name (CL), -Bill To (Text), -Ship To (Text), -Invoice# (10), Customer PO# (16) -Date (Date), Department (DL), -Salesperson (EL), -Ship Method (SL), -Terms (TL), Other Charges ($), Printed Comments (Text), Private Comments (Text), Item Code, -Description 1, -Description 2, Quantity(#), Quantity BackOrdered (#), -Price ($), Line Item Comment (Text) , -Paid($)


- indicates an Optional Field, which will filled automatically (such as an existing Customer's Bill To address). Importing to an Optional Field will overwrite the automatic contents, even if you are importing a blank (no data).


(Date) accepts the format "mm/dd/yy" only; defaults to current date.
(10) accepts up to 10 characters; extra characters removed.
(CL) accepts any valid selection from the Customer Listing.
(DL) accepts any valid selection from the Department List.
(EL) accepts any valid selection from the Employee Listing.
(Text) accepts text up to 32,000 characters


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