As Quoted for Customer-Specific Pricing

The As Quoted feature automatically checks Quotes for the price you have previously given a specific customer for an item, and can:
• check the Expiry Date, excluding expired Quotes.
• check Quantity for price breaks or quantity discounts
• log when importing so you can review pricing after importing
• display a confirmation dialog for each change

This Solution describes using this feature. (5874)

As Quoted automatically checks Quotes for pricing when you are filling in a Sales Order or Invoice.

To turn on As Quoted:
1. Open the Customer Prefs
2. Click the pop-up button under Price As Quoted
3. Choose one of the available choices:
Never - this disables the As Quoted feature (default)
Always - automatically fills in the Quoted price
Ask Each Time - presents a dialog with the regular price and the quoted price
4. On the Prefs dialog that appears, choose Check Expiry or Check Quantity if needed
5. Click OK to save changes on the As Quoted Preferences dialog
6. Click OK to save changes on the Customer Preferences

If you choose Always, when a Quoted price is found it is automatically inserted. Holding the Option/Alt key when entering the Item overrides this.

If you choose Check Expiry, all Quotes whose Expiry Date is yesterday or earlier will be ignored.

If you choose Check Quantity, the quoted price will be checked each time you change the Quantity for a line item.