User Font

If you find the Font used in Big Business too small or too large, hard to read, or that long entires are cut off without displaying completely, you can select a new font in a smaller or larger size. This solution provides the details. (5761)

Big Business 9.8 updates these settings.

  User Settings

User Settings let users change settings, such as Auto Zoom. By choosing System Setting they can use the setting you have chosen in the Company card.

User Settings Prefs let you control access to User Settings. By choosing Hide Settings you can block access to User Settings.

This Solution provides details. (6684)

  Setting User Preferences

Big Business includes per-User Preferences. They are found in Notes Prefs and include:

• Default Window Size - used by new resizable window
• Tool Tips - to hide or show the yellow Tips for fields and tools
• Default Sort Order - choose Descending to show recent items first in sorted lists (5652)

  Hiding the Toolbar

Hiding the Toolbar (6350)