Ability to Change Fiscal Year End Month

When you create your Data File, Big Business warns you to check the Start Date and Year End Month carefully because once Setup is complete they cannot be changed. This does not prevent the IRS or your Board of Directors insisting that you change your Fiscal Year End Month. (3021)

  Miscellaneous Sales Import Fields

This Solution describes the fields that can be imported as Miscellaneous Sales.

  Invoice Line Item Import Fields

This Solution describes the fields that can be imported as Invoice Line Items.

In Big Business 4.0.9 and earlier, this feature does not update Item Cards or Customer Balances correctly. Contact Technical Support for information on correcting these entries. This problem is fixed in Big Business 4.2 and higher.

Big Business 4.2.8 and 5.0.2 add a Paid amount to the import options. (5765)

  Item Adjustment Import Fields

This Solution describes the fields that can be imported as Item Adjustments.


  Miscellaneous Bills Import Fields

This Solution describes the fields that can be imported as Miscellaneous Bills.

  Print Styles

Big Business includes Print Styles with options for:
• graphics
• fonts
for better looking output.

Big Business 10.10 expands this feature to apply to Reports. Big Business 10.15 fixes some Customer reports.

This Solution describes the feature. (6296)

  Import Files from Unix Systems

Big Business 9 automatically converts import files coming from Unix systems--such as Linux, which often used to host online shopping carts or web stores. (6449)

  Zap Gremlins

Big Business 9.8 adds controls for Zap Gremlins, a feature that automatically replaces problem characters in text.

This Solution describes using these options. (6535)

  Autocomplete Data Entry

Autocomplete speeds data entry by showing you a possible match that you can select by typing Tab and a list of choices you can select by typing Down Arrow.

This Solution describes using this option. (6536)

Big Business 9.8 adds this feature for testing.

  Custom Validation

Validation is testing that a record is ready to save. An Invoice must have a Customer.

Custom Validation adds tests you have requested. If an invoice has Units of PAL there must be a line item for Pallet Deposit.

  Block OS

Big Business now automatically blocks any operating system (OS) that is a problem. This protects you from unplanned system changes that could cause data loss. You can turn this feature Off if needed.


  Server Administration from Client

Big Business lets you access the Server Administration window from Big Business Client.

This Solution provides details. (6518)

  Year End

Some business applications have a mandatory end of year procedure for archiving data, shifting balances among accounts, and so on. Big Business's reporting handles this for you, so there is no required procedure. You can demonstrate this facility to yourself by running a Report for a future date (e.g. a Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet dated in the next fiscal year).

Big Business main

  Editing Your Contact Information

This solution describes how to edit your contact information. The company card in Big Business includes spaces for your Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax, URL (web address), and E-Mail information. (3288)

  Using the Department Tag

This Solution provides instructions for splitting single items across Departments or profit centers. (3228)

  Company Logo

Big Business allows you to paste in your own company's artwork or logo so that it will print on the built in forms. This solution outlines the process of entering your own graphic so that it will appear on the built in forms. (3289)

  Logo Export

Logo Export has been added to make it easier to change your address or other contact information. Click Export on the Company card to save your old company artwork as an image file, then email to your artist. When you get the new art back, click Import. (6984)

  Profit & Loss Reporting by Department

This Solution describes the tracking of multiple profit centers within one Company File, using the Department tag on transactions. (3227)

  Changing Number Formats

Changing Number Formats
Big Business allows you to change number formats and currency symbols
to match your business needs. You use the Number Formats dialog box to set these options.

Big Business 6 increases the size of the number format settings to support currencies where totals might run into hundreds of millions or higher. (6089)

  Customize the way Big Business rounds and displays numbers

You can customize the way Big Business displays and rounds numbers in order to match your needs. This is important if you need to maintain detail on amounts greater than the standard 2 decimal places. (5164)